Domestic Investigations

Domestic investigations are primarily concerned with investigating matters that involve individuals and their personal issues. Studies show that over 90% of all victims of domestic crime know their assailant – a staggering number that can be easily prevented by taking appropriate measures with the help of a professional private investigator.

Involving a professional in your private matters does not mean exposing yourself to public scrutiny, as a private investigator will handle your case with the utmost sensitivity and confidentiality. If you notice suspicious behavior from someone close to you, it is best to investigate them in a covert manner rather than give them the benefit of the doubt and potentially end up losing more than you gain.

Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC offers a wide variety of domestic investigations, including:


An unfortunately common occurrence today is cases regarding suspected cheating spouses. Having performed surveillance on numerous high-profile individuals to obtain evidence of infidelity, Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC provides the peace of mind our clients desire discreetly and professionally.

Should you suspect that your spouse is cheating on you, the team of expert surveillance investigators at Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC are waiting to assist you however necessary to provide the closure and answers you need.

Child Custody

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