Criminal Defense Investigations

O.P.O.T.AWe leave no stone unturned when we take you on as a client. We understand each client presents us with unique situations and no two cases are the same.

Most of our Criminal Investigators have current or former LEO backgrounds, or at minimum, related training from O.P.O.T.A, so that we can provide our clients with specialized services and solutions resulting in high quality investigations producing the best possible outcomes.

The professionals at Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC are well-versed in many specialized areas of investigation, bringing a diverse background to the table. This gives us an edge when dealing with complex civil and criminal investigations.

At Pelta Protective Specialist, LLC, we can perform a complete and intensive criminal investigation to assist those involved in the situation gain a closer understanding of the case by searching for information, locating and interviewing witnesses and collecting evidence during an investigation.

Today’s criminal investigations require modern techniques that we implement and utilize to perform these investigations.

Criminal Investigations We Offer:
  • Assault Investigations
  • Crime Scene Investigations
  • Crime Scene Photography
  • Criminal Defense Investigations
  • Document Searches
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Interrogation
  • Kidnapping Investigations
  • Sexual Crimes Investigations
  • Theft Investigations
  • Witness Interviews